Is Ethereum too large for you?
Try something smaller.

McD, The Micro Coin Distrubuted, is an experimental ERC20 token with a cap of one. Users are encouranged to send and trade just one chip- That's 0.000000000000000001 McD.

What happens when one coin becomes too much to spend?

Let's find out together.

McD is designed to be a fun and interesting token where even the smallest fractions are meaningful. It's purely experimental, and may lend some insight to the future of cryptocurrency; When a single Bitcoin or Ethereum could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The McD project aims to test wallets and exchanges to the max. By selling fractions of a single token we hope to create an interesting splash in the cryptocurrency world.

Grab your micro slice

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Add McD to your ERC20 compatible wallet like

  • Address: 0x3A385e2EEF90b59e948Aa712CC420eb5854Ea9Bc
  • Token Symbol: McD
  • Decimals: 18